Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lincoln Academy Gastonia North Carolina

Actually this is located in the Crowder Mountain area.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit this location. The story goes this school was once an all black school and this girl was heading back home to Atlanta when two men carjacked and raped and murdered her and is said to now be haunted by the teenage girl. The school has since burned down.

Now the Crowder Mountain Golf Course stands where the school used to be. I'm not sure if the school stood where the clubhouse now sits but in that general location. Down the street from the clubhouse is the cemetary. There are no signs or anything indicating there is a cemetary there but if you go down the street you will see a steel gate blocking an entrance. If you walk down the road(it was mowed down and well kept on my visit) you will see a rundown building on the left, walk a little further and you will the headstones. I don't know anything about the graveyard. I didn't get that far the day I was there, it was raining and very muddy although the road wasn't muddy at all.
It appears to be a dumping area especially across the street and on further observation it would appear that possibly bums might be using it as a hangout. It isn't that far from the main road.

I found it quite interesting that a golf course is now where a supposedly haunted place stands. Whether it is haunted I don't know. I don't recommend going alone if you should go at night. It's an interesting place and what makes this place so interesting is that it is bordered not just by the Crowder Mountain State Park on one side but down the road on Sparrow Springs road in the same general area is another haunted spot at a church.

Directions: It is located between Shelby and only a few miles from Gastonia. Going down hwy 74 turn at Archie Whitesides road(there is a Food Lion on hwy 74 and a traffic light where you will turn) in the opposite direction from Food Lion, you'll pass Peach Orchard, turn right at Linwood, go around a couple of curves, you'll see the golf course to your right, at Lincoln Academy road turn right, there is the clubhouse on the right, down the street you'll find the blocked off area that takes you to the cemetary. You cannot see the cemetary from the road you have to walk down the path to be able to see the graveyard. It's a nice little walk, not too far but far enough.
The name of the golf course is Crowder Mountain Golf Course I believe. So if you have any trouble with my directions you can map the golf course and be right there.

I was there during the day and didn't experience anything disturbing or out of the ordinary. Although I founds the woods across the street much more creepy than the cemetary. But it could have just been the idea that there could be homeless hanging out in the area. That would make anyone feel less safe I suppose. And it rather secluded except for a couple of houses at the end of the street.
I give it a must see star, an interesting place. Especially at night but don't go alone and take precautions and drive a reliable vehicle. If you gut says leave, then you should leave. I would have liked to have had more time.
I will delve into the history of the place later.

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